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hey hey [21 Jul 2004|10:50pm]
hey whats up well im judt over hurr in me casa getting ready to go to leave to florda tomorrow and it gonna be killer fun well i havent posted in a long time once again well NE ways till next time i post ttyl peeps lates
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hey [03 Jul 2004|01:42pm]
hey people, well i havent posted in like 4 ever well im just here at my aunts house kicking it chillin about to go to some carnival with my cousins well im running late take care bye
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sunday blah [07 Mar 2004|10:01am]
Hey what up peeps well im coo im just hurr chillin at my house i just woke up like 30min ago lol... i was so tired last night nick and I had a frosh/soph volleyball tournement, it waz alright nothing special well N-E ways after we finished our tournement nick and I went to the varsity tournement at whittier high school to watch the homie zack.so... yeah then after zack waz done we went home to get ready take a shower and all that stuff and then zack and the crew melissa,Drea& nick came and picked me up and then we were off to the movies in puente hills and we saw dirty dancing havanna nights, it waz coo i thought it waz gonna be better but oh well . so after the movies we had to take drea home so we were on the frwy and all of a sudden we see this cop car swirving  and we were like what the f*ck and then the next thing u kno were stoped on the frwy and lol.. so we were the for like 10 min just stoped on the frwy and so drea called her mom and told her that she was gonna be late so we started to moe again and so we were like so where are we gonna go now and so we decided to go to turbo canyon haha lol... and dude it was so scarry damn there was this man standing in like the middle of the road and omg it was just freaky cus who stands in the middle of  swirvey dark canyon road so yeah we all got freaked out and so after that we really had to take drea home cuz her mom had called and was getting pissed after we droped drea off we went to go eat at king taco mmmmmm! it was so good mm! so yeah after we ate we were all tired so we ended the night and just went home and that was our lil venture for saturday night and now im just here at my house buming it,later is my mom's b-day party so im just waitin hurr till then well nothing eles to say so talk to peeps later. Aight Lates ;)
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in da club wit da homies [03 Mar 2004|07:00pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

SVSA ya hurdCollapse )

Hey what up peeps im just hurr chillin with da homies Nick, Zack, Amber, and Andrea. Just got out of volleyball and it was hard. Well i don't really know what to say so i'll update when i have alot of things to say. alright than lates.

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sunday ;) [29 Feb 2004|09:56pm]
well today waz coo i woke up at like 11:00 then nick and zack called me and we went to universal city walk again and saw 50 first dates it waz coo then we ate in n out the went to up town waz gonna get my toungue pirced but melissas mom called and she had to go home right away so yeah we took her home and then the night really just ended and i came home after we dropped her off so yeah im here at home talking to da homie DAVID well g2g sorry the update waz so short bye:)
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friiiiiiiday! [27 Feb 2004|07:33pm]

Hey peeps whats up well im cool, today waz grreat zack,andrea,nick and I went to Melissa's house and just kicked it thurr and it waz tight we went to McDonnalds and we grubbed down on that shit mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! the delux breakfast mmmm! lol.... well after breakfast we wer just talkin and then we decided to go and rent a movie so we did we all got in zack's car and then we drove over to the video store and we ended up renting a movie called the many faces of death and omg that movie was so sick it just showed ppl dieing ewe i wanted to throw up dude it made my stomach turn.OH! omg lol..... as we were leaving the video store zack pull out of his parking space and he crashed into the truck that was parked behined us omg wiplash lol... NE ways i was like OOOOOOOOOH SHIT! well zack's car got fu*ked up so bad and the truck didnt have a scratch on it but i was trippin cuz i thought the owner of the truck waz gonna kill us or somethin lol... well after that we went to the market to get hooked up and that didnt happen so we just went back to melissa's houseand watched the movie and we all felt bad for zack but what could we do u know well NE ways we ended up going back to school for practice and then after practice i went with my mom somewhere and then we just came home and yeah so... im just here watin fo Mely to call me cuz were goin to go to the movies. well i dont know what eles to say so im gonna go and i wish all the peeps a fun friday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lates ;)

i have that song "hey mama" stuck in my head its all your fault Andrea lol......

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In Da club with Da homies [26 Feb 2004|07:35pm]

Hey whats up well i havent posted in a while , today was cool school was ok it was kick back and in 6th period we took swimming pics for the year book today so lol i was all right there in the middle of the picture in my speeds and lol i look like shit lol... well after school today andrea,sammyjo,nick,lilbritt,amber,zack,melissa,sarah and I went to rios pizza lol it was so fu*kin funny cuz we didnt fit in sackz car and lol i had to trunk it haha and then we went to rios and orderd pizza and started to talk about those movies called Many faces of death and and we just started to talk about u know scarry stuff so we decided that after sadies were gonna go to turbo canyon lol..... that shit is gonna be tight ! oh lol.. after rios we went to 31 flavors and then starbucks and lol amber was showing us her voices that she could do lol she could immitate a chicken a dog and a cat lol.......hahahahahha omg it was so funny every one was busting up lol she so funny then after every one had to go home but it was cool . so.... im at home now i just got off the phone with the homie Yvette the sickest baller in the world lol... but naw i hadent talked to her in a while so i called her  aww i love ya Yvette lol.....OH! on saturday andrea and her family invited me to go with them to see the Pssion Of Christ im excited cuz i think it wil be a good movie but yeah so im looking foreward to saturday .well i think im gonna go now cuz i havent started my homework.alright  lates ;)

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WeeNer friday blah [20 Feb 2004|01:33pm]
Hey whats up well today was cool first period was so boring lol... we had that dorky sub lol i was busting up on her cuz she was just so funnt :) lol NE ways in 2nd per i go soooo mad cuz mr schwartz is making alot of changes in the constitution and i didnt like this one change that he had made about the freshman reps cuz he is changing it to the middle schools are going to elect the freshmen reps and i dunno i just got bugged and mad and i totaly disagread with him and the thing that sucked was he told everyone "oh well i allready decided on it and im not changing my mind" and i just was getting mad cuz here he is just making decicions with out confronting the ASB and lol what ever i shouldnt let it bug me cuz there is nothing that i could do about it. well in 3rd we had a quiz and i probably failed it and in 4th i had a pop quiz and i failed that one also :( but at lunch it was club awareness day so i got to grub down with the homie Andrea & Nick and Queenmely ;) and now im in 5th and im tired and i want to go home already and sleep and later i want to go out with the homie Andrea or with my cousins i want to go to the movies oh! and tomorrow i want to go to the sweatheart's party but i dunno cuz on sunday im goning to go to try out for the national youth team so i need a good nights rest well im gonna get going cuz im tired of typing well hope you all have a cool weekend lates ;)
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friday the 13 [13 Feb 2004|09:46am]

whats up well today is friday and me and Andrea are going to go to the movies! lol.. Mellissa is right next to me right now and lol shes making me laugh because she trying to black mail  someone lol..... omg look at this pic of JLo me and my friends were laughing when we saw this omg look at her bush man we were laughing so much omg i guess it was one of those moments when you have to be here. well just want to shout out to my friend  mellisa cuz she sthe homie ! well i have to go now but i know me and Andrea are going to have some fun tonight at the movies hell yeah foshozy lol.. lates

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cant wait till the weekend [12 Feb 2004|12:29pm]

well im just here in the sac eating lunch im eating a tosdada mmmmmmmm its good lol.... well I cant wait till tomorrow because i want to go to the movies with andrea and hopefully nick to see you got served or just hang out with some friends but saturday i have a swimm meet and i dont want to go because they are so boring oh! then after my mom is going to have a bbq and invite some of my family members over and some friends so hopefully that will be fun but i want to go some where i dont know where actually i want to go to a party i feel like i have to be constantly doing some thing because first i was grounded and i couldnt go ou with me friends and then the weekend after i got my wisdom teeth out  so i didnt gon out that weekend either so i dont know i want to go do something this weekend so im like let me out ahh lol... but yeah oh and i just wanted to say hey Johnny sorry i loged off on ya yesterday but N-E ways g2g bell just rang bye ;)

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crazy morning [11 Feb 2004|09:19am]
hey people well this morning was crazy my mom droped me off and i was on my way in to school but then i saw my friends leaving to doublz and i was just like what ever ill go so we went and then andrea came and then we were going to go back to school but then andrea didnt do her homework for first and neither did i so we were like  lets just go to McDonalds so we walked to mikey d's me andrea and nick  so we got there and we  got some thing to eat and we were just there talking and nick brought up our friend jen because her mom recently died and we thought it would be nice if we got her flowers to cheer her up so we were trying to think what flower shop was open  so we went to the one on garfield  so we started to walk over towards garfield but then we looked at the time we were just like damn we better hurry up cuz the bell was going to ring so we took the bus to garfield and then we were walking past cantwel and we started to shit it because we were going to be late to second so we were just like lets not even go to schoolbut then we were running to school but then i saw the bus and we got on and yeah so we made it to school on time but damn we  saeriously thought we werent going to make it so im here in second just chillin with stephanie listening to" yeah "  well im going to get going thats enough of my lame story for today well lates ;)
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blah [10 Feb 2004|01:34pm]
hey whats up well im just chillin  in the sac its 5th period and i cant wait to go home but after school i have a class that my mom sighned me up for its some exit exam prep class and it ends like at 4:00 so it kinda sux and then right after i have practice at 5:00 so yeah im never going to get to go home and sleep :( lol ... well today was ok nothing special u know another normal day.oh! melissa came back today and i was kinda talking to her and im just happy she was ok cuz u know i didnt really get the whole scoop on why she was in the hospital and i was wondering on how she was doing but then she came back today and i was like melissa ur ok lol... but yeah well im gonna get going now the bell is about to ring well bye ;)
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[09 Feb 2004|10:12pm]
[ mood | calm ]

hey people well my three day week end was alright i didnt really do much. friday i got my wisdom teeth out and couldnt eat, saturday i just chilled at my grandmas house all day and just bummed it cuz i couldnt do much cuz of my teeth and it was boring sunday i went to san diego it was fun i went for water polo for a tournament but it sucked because i couldnt play and i wanted to so bad but if i would have like gotten popped in the mouth out it would have hurt and i still hade my stitches in from my u know teethso i guess the trip was fun but i didnt have fun being a bench warmer lol....then today monday i went to my cousins house just to hang out and stuff but then my grandma ended up going over and took us to the cemetary to put floers at my aunts,great grandma and grandpas gravs so it was a peacfull day and my teeth are healing so i wasnt in much pain . after the cemetary my grandma took me and my cousin back ther house and we cooked dinner to supprise her mom and my aunt becuse she has been stressed lately so i learnd how to cook triyakie chiken and some other stuff then my aunt drove me back home and yeah that was my weekend well  im getting kinda tired so ill stop talking now lol.... well lates

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today was boring [07 Feb 2004|08:52pm]

Hey ppl ! Well that sux i didnt get to go to basket ball homecoming  but congrats to QUEEN DANIELLE "sorry i couldnt be there danielle". I was at my grandmas house being board and soar and i couldnt eat anything but tadoy i got to drink a smoothie lol... man i was so hungry and it tasted so good .  Well sorry that my post was so short but im going to a party but i dont kow how its going to go with u know my teeth being swollen lol N-E ways g2g bye


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ouch! [06 Feb 2004|05:18pm]

Hey whats up ppl well all my wisdom is gone lol... no j/k lol i got all four of my wisdom teeth out like 3 hours ago omg it didnt hurt at all but now omg it hurts like a Mother and im trying not to think about it so i decided to come on here and post something so i dont think about it well i really want to go to bball homecoming tonight but i dont know my teeth hurt but im going to ask my grandma if she could take me because my mom isnt going to be home to take me hopefully she will well i think im gonna go take some pain killer cuz it just hurts way to much well lates ;)


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:( i get my wisdom teeth out today [06 Feb 2004|09:56am]
well yesterday was cool after school i went to uncle robbys with Andrea & Nick lol it was funny because we were acting so syupid we were going to go to vons just to see what they people would do to us and as we were walking towards vons i was talking on the phone with my friend Steve and he said that he had just came from vons and that the people like threw some thing at him so then me and adrea and nick were like no we dont want to go anymore lol... oh! and then we went into marshalls , ross & the AT&T store and we were acting dumb lol well NE ways it was cool but we wanted to go to the st paul girls bball game but my mom killed it and she said that i couldent go so that meant that we all couldnt go so that was sucky oh! guys i get my wisdom teeth out today guys im scared :(..... :( well i got to go bell rang lol ... bye ;)
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[05 Feb 2004|09:57am]

what are " booty calls"? this morning i went to Mc Donalds with the so reps sammy jo lil britt and the homie Andrea and we had no money and we begged ppl for money lol... and we ended up getting like 8$ lol... well we orderd egg mg muffins and andrea had this magazene and there was an arcticle on Booty Calls  and what they sound like lol here are some ok   

  • The baisic booty call : "come over" straightforeward but romantic
  • Tempting you with stuff : "hey !you wanna see my...?"
  • Tired and true : "wanna watch a movie and order pizza"
  • Sweet botty call : "we could just cuddle "

which booty call do you like the best lol well g2g lates


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WeeNer wednsday doubl-Z aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! [04 Feb 2004|01:59pm]
[ mood | WHATEVER ]

What up peeps lol.... damn this morning it was so cold  i had morning work out again for swimming and i acctually looked foreward to going to practice  maybe because i havent been going and im getting to FAT lol... well andy ways after practice  me and some of the guys went to Doubls and oh! damn that breakfast burrito was so good mmmmmm.... lol and i took more pictures  with andrea but i couldent  find the file i went to so i dunno ill try to post them next time. Oh! last night i went to go see the homie Yvett play basket ball at St Paul and they lost but i think they could have given Amant a better game "Yvett you played good" ;) well i got all scared when i was at the game last night because i went up to some guy that i didnt even know and i asked him for directions to  a party  and lol it was just funny cuz u know i didnt know him lol... well today waz cool  at school nothing special  lol i get to go home early because i went to morning work out lol.... and then i  shall go home and call my "friend" i enjoy talking to my friend shes so cool lol i liked her alot but i realized i needed to take  a step back so yeah but i still like her but we dont just talk about u know hhmmm lol... im such a dork lol... well the bell is about to ring so yeah lates  

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wEEner [03 Feb 2004|09:25am]

Here are some pics of the sophmore reps Brittney,"Sammy Jo", Andrea , and me oh! and there are some pics of me and andrea being stupid lol.... Well im not doing much right now im in 2nd period and yeah OH! later tonight i think im going to go to a st paul girls basket ball game and the homie Andrea is going to go with me  foshozy  u know well im in a good mood cuz  im not grounded anyore  and i cant wait to  go out to the movies with Andrea to go see u got Served hell yeah i cant wait  to see that move  lol... well ill stop talk ing about stuff u guy/gurls  not care about hearing lol... well bye Enjoy the pictures lates ;)




sophomore reps

WoW look at that!


Kisses for every one ;)


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wEEner [03 Feb 2004|09:22am]

Here are some pics of the sophmore reps Brittney,"Sammy Jo", Andrea , and me and andrea being stupid lol....

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